Overall responsibility

Gretsch-Unitas GmbH
Johann-Maus-Strasse 3
71254 Ditzingen

Phone: +49 7156 301-0
Fax: +49 7156 301-293

Managing director

Julius von Resch


Commercial register: HRB 202061
District court Stuttgart

VAT registration number

DE 811114402


The contents of our website have been compiled with great care. However, we accept no respons­ib­ility for their accuracy, complete­ness or timeli­ness.

In accord­ance with section 7 para­graph 1 of the German Teleservices Act (TMG) we as service provider are respons­ible for our own contents on these webpages pursuant the General Laws. However, the TMG does not oblige us to monitor infor­mation provided or stored by third parties on our website or to search for evid­ence of illegal contents. Oblig­a­tions to remove or block the use of infor­mation in compliance with the General Laws will however remain unaf­fected. Any liab­ility in this respect will not become effective prior to such a concrete infringe­ment having come to our atten­tion. Once we become aware of such infringe­ments, we will imme­di­ately remove the offending contents.

The GU pages contain links to third-party webs­ites. The contents of these webs­ites is beyond our control and we do not assume any liab­ility for it. It is the respective provider or operator of these linked webs­ites who is respons­ible for their contents. The linked webs­ites were checked for possible infringe­ment at the time of the linking, however, there were no illegal contents detectable. As soon as we become aware of any infringe­ment on linked webs­ites, we will imme­di­ately remove the corres­ponding links.

Privacy policy:

If personal data is collected within the context of our services, the provi­sion of this data is always on a voluntary basis. We refer explicitly to our Privacy Policy. Data trans­mis­sion via the internet is inher­ently associ­ated with security risks, as the complete protec­tion of data against third-party access is technic­ally impossible. 


We explicitly oppose the use of contact details publ­ished on the www.?g-u.?com website for sending advert­ising and infor­mation material which has not been requested by us specific­ally.


Pictures, texts and layouts provided by the GU website are copy­righted. Distrib­uting, editing, duplic­ating and any form of util­isa­tion beyond the limits of the copy­right law require the written consent by GU. In partic­ular, the following acts are prohib­ited:

  • Down­loading, copying or redir­ecting the complete website or indi­vidual contents without a license or the written consent by the Gretsch-Units Group or contrary to such permis­sion or agree­ment
  • Use of data mining techno­lo­gies, Robots or similar data collec­tion or data extrac­tion toolsManip­u­lating the website or its contents or displaying it else­where using framing or similar navig­a­tional techno­lo­gies
  • Accompl­ished or attempted regis­tering, subscribing, or cancel­ling of third parties with regard to obtaining products or services from the Gretsch-Unitas Group without the explicit author­isa­tion of these parties
  • Using the website or its contents for a purpose other than intended.

When creating the website we have tried to exclude copy­right infringe­ments. If neverthe­less you become aware of such infringe­ment, we we would appreciate a hint. In case of justified objec­tions, we would immedieatly remove the content in ques­tion.